You commission us to sell your items to the highest bidder in our in-house and online internet auction.  This Consignment Agreement, hereinafter referred to as “this Agreement,” states the terms of the parties’ agreement with respect to personal property, hereinafter referred to as “the property,” consigned to Oglethorpe Auctions hereafter referred to as the “OA” by the seller identified below, hereafter referred to as the “Consignor.” Oglethorpe Antiques agrees to act as your agent in the sale of the property listed on the Auction Consignment Listing form attached to this Agreement, executed separately with each item being property identified as subject to this Agreement. Consignor must provide for each item on the list their acceptable net minimum selling price (or minimum bid) or Consignor agrees to accept a price to be determined by Oglethorpe Auctions. The minimum, for most auction lots, is the lowest opening bid for the lot.  (This is NOT to be confused with a Reserve Price.)

Consignor agrees to offer the property for sale at auction and/or Website sale, subject to the terms set forth in this agreement. While OA cannot guarantee any sale price in a public auction format, it agrees to use professional skill, knowledge and experience to the best advantage of both parties in preparing for and conducting the sale of the property. OA will act solely as an agent in any transaction between the Consignor and the eventual buyer.